Furneaux Distillery – Unpeated Apera Cask – 297-301

Furneaux Distillery Best Tasmanian Whisky

Furneaux Distillery Single Malt Whisky – Unpeated Apera Cask.

Furneaux Distillery – Apera Cask – Single Malt

Distilled with 100% Tasmanian barley and matured in a total of 5 x 20l ex Apera (Australian Sherry) casks.

Batch Nº: xx 297-301
ABV 44.7%
500ml: $180 (211 bottles)



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Bright and fruity.


Apera casks lend flavours such as raisin, date, fig. The oak influence is prominent, providing spice on the palate, cinnamon, clove, cardamom.


The finish is lengthy and sweet, with lingering Christmas pudding flavour.

About Furneaux Distillery

After visiting Islay in the southern Hebrides off Scotland, famous for its peaty maritime drams, Furneaux Distillery realised that Flinders Island also had, in abundance, the elements to create an island-produced whisky that would speak of its maritime environment.

Furneaux Distillery use 100% Tasmanian malt barley, pure rainwater and a unique local peat which is at once earthy and briny. It is a sustainable and renewable resource which spends a good portion of the year submerged in the salt lakes and lagoons of the wild east coast of Flinders Island. Furneaux Distillery then complete the production of their spirits from start to finish at The Flinders Wharf, from the peat smoking of the barley in a mobile malt kiln to the bottling and distribution.

Tasmania Flinders Island a sense of place

Tasmanian distilled spirits – and in particular single malt whisky – are now considered world class. In a few short years the industry has developed an enviable reputation for producing whiskies that reflect the environment in which they are produced – a kind of whisky “terroir”.

Furneaux Distillery are a no-fuss community of passionate farmers, growers and producers.

Located in Bass Strait, north east of Tasmania, Flinders Island is the largest of the Furneaux Group of islands with a population of around 900 islanders. Famous for untouched beaches with crystal clear waters and some of Australia’s greatest produce, the island has been a chef’s secret pantry for many years.

On Flinders Island Furneaux Distillery are about raw, pure, untouched basics: the way food was grown before mass production and chemical interference. Flinders Island grow and farm the world’s finest beef, lamb, garlic, honey, fruit, vegetables and seafood. And of course, premium Tasmanian single malt whisky, gin and vodka.

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